About Me

Klassically Kept was started in 2017, by Mya- Karren Stockton, to document her journey with fashion.

That’s me and I have no middle name, Mya- Karren is my whole first name.

I remember the very first time I knew fashion was for me. I was around 8. Mother and I needed to go to the store. So I ran to my room and put on the new outfit she bought a few days ago. It was a pastel-colored sweater with a matching pink skirt. We were only going to the store, but when I put the outfit on, I felt so happy.

Many people ask me how I walk in stilettos. My first pair of heels was Two Lips; they were black Mary Jane’s. I slept in them, so you can say my love for heels started very young.

The purpose of Klassically Kept is to let women know that they are beautiful, fully clothed. In a time with the me too movement and self-love, sometimes we forget that baring all is still not okay. It’s okay to leave something to the imagination. There are ways to be classy and sexy, and this company explores that.

This website creates beautiful content, to go along with style advice, videos, and soon to be an easy and elegant shopping experience. The Shopping experience will include: pre-loved and new luxury pieces, along with new contemporary pieces.

Stay awhile…with class and grace

Mya -Karren