About Me

”I remember the very first time I knew fashion was for me. I was around 8. Mother and I needed to go to the store. So I ran to my room and put on the new outfit she bought a few days ago. It was a pastel-colored sweater with a matching pink skirt. We were only going to the store, but when I put the outfit on, I felt so happy…” 

Klassicaly Kept is a fashion blog created by Mya Karren Stockton to showcase classic feminine style for the modern woman. She is inspired by sexy silhouettes from the 40’s and 50’s and is dedicated to presenting fully clothed fashion options for everyday wear. A firm believer in the notion that ‘you don’t have to bare all to be beautiful’ she stands out amongst many as a specialist content creator

As a young girl she found her flare early, expressing herself wearing elegant dresses even for a short trip to the store. She is regularly seen in ankle skimming feminine florals, pastels and flowing pieces with elaborate shoulders, structured necklines or bold prints. 

Mya Karren inspires women to look good and feel great as they explore fashion finds through her influence delivered with a combination of beautiful images, style advice, and a unique discovery shopping experience. 


Her content is  loved by women with an appreciation for feminine chic;  a mix of luxury collectors and high street shoppers who are not afraid to experiment with shapes, colours and prints. 

Stay awhile…with class and grace,

Mya -Karren