Quality Fashion Finds Under $200: May Edition

It’s that time again, quality fashion finds under $200, the May edition.

Throughout this stay at home order ordeal, I realized that I don’t really have lounge wear lol. Most of my clothing is work wear and sundresses.

More and more states are opening up so the chance to get out and about (within reason) is becoming more of a prominent thing. Over the weekend we went to Lowes…it was packed lol, and we also cleaned out the garage, well my fiance cleaned out the garage I had a mother’s day zoom party with my family in Philadelphia.

This month I will feature half and half; half lounge wear and half current fashion.

For those of you returning welcome and thank you, and for those who don’t know every month I showcase quality fashion finds under $200. With big designer companies and street fashion companies sometimes putting out new clothing every week quality can sometimes take a back seat.


Casual Quality Pieces

Quality Lounge wear


Quality Fashion pieces:


Fashion Tops

Quality Shoes

Quality Sets

Fashion Shorts

with class and grace,


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