Fashion Finds Under $200: July Edition

It’s that time of the month again; if you are new here, welcome, and if you are returning, thanks for coming back.

express dress

Summer is in full swing, and it’s hot. Yesterday here in the Carolinas, it was 101 degrees.

Each month I feature quality fashion finds under $200. The shoes are leather, and the dresses are cotton, and now because we are in the warmer months, I have also picked out linen pieces. I will pick quality over quantity any day. When I was in college, I use to shop at the thrift store and the fast fashion brands, H and M, Zara, and forever 21, but because I am a professional and established woman, I feel as though my clothing needs to represent that as well. Let’s face it we live in a visual world, your perception of someone is decided within 2 seconds of meeting them and seeing what they have on.

express dress

Don’t mistake what I said; I still shop at Zara and H and M (well before the whole monkey debacle, they haven’t gained me back as a customer yet.) Especially if there is a new trend that I want to dip my toe into, I will shop with fast fashion brands and then decide if I want to invest in the trend and then go up in price.

July Fashion Finds








There you have it round up of July fashion finds.

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