10 Emerging Spring Trends

Spring is around the corner, March 20th. Which means the weather will be warmer and new trends will emerge.  Take a look at some of the trends that will be in this Spring. Some have returned from last year.

  1. Silver

Silver, high shine, glitter, however you refer to it, it’s no longer just for special occasions, people are wearing it all year round and in every season. Shoes, bags, hats, even pants and skirts, no matter the article of clothing you will be able to find it anywhere. To dress it up try a silky shirt or camisole, to dress it down try your favorite white t-shirt and a pair of cute sneakers.

2. Neon- Let the highlighting begin!

This trend is take it or leave it for most people, it’s loud and screams I am HERE. You will get noticed. I have one pink neon dress and all though its bright I get compliments every time I wear it. Neon can be tricky, if you are going to go for this trend keep it simple, pick a focal point and keep everything else simple.

3. Tie dye- far out

70’s anyone. This trend comes and goes and right now it’s a go. Depending on how its done, it can be very beautiful. I am not talking about the tie dye t-shirts with smiley faces on then, I am talking about beautifully crafted tie dye pattern with intention, not the tie dye shirt you made at camp.

4. Treated denim

While I don’t wear pants, I have always loved how chic jeans are, they are so easy to style and never go out of style. Here recently high waisted jeans are in. Along with your skinny jeans and cigarette pants. Don’t forget your classic jeans shorts.

Dare I say acid wash, a tacky trend from the 80’s…its back, a bit elevated though. I will not lie Zara has a cute high waisted mini skirt I was eyeing that may just show up on my door step.


Leather or faux leather will surely be all over the runways and on the street. I myself have a faux leather red mini skirt I picked up from Express that I can’t wait to wear. Leather pants, leather skirts, even faux leather shorts, will be everywhere this spring.

6.Leisure wear

This trend is not going anywhere, not you can mix and match your leisure pieces with dressier pieces to keep the look fresh and dynamic. For instance, grab your favorite pair of leggings, maybe some with sheer sides and throw on your favorite leather jacket with a camisole or fitted shirt underneath.


Trench coats, Shirt dresses, dark green, buckles, belts, and khaki all the things you think of when it comes to the military look. I have a dress shirt from Club Monoao that will surely fit in this section. Very structured and well put together, not to mention the back is out.

My green trench coat from Club Monaco also fits into this category. Trench coats are good for the ever-changing weather in the Spring. They will give you the structured and put together look even if what you have on underneath isn’t your favorite.

8.Summer vibes

Your soft and flowy pieces will fit into this category. Zimmerman is known for their beautiful flowy dresses. Most of these dresses will be midi length, somewhat form fitting on top and free flowing at the bottom. This will be where all your ruffles, handkerchief hems, and full skirts will fit into. Zimmerman is quite up there in price, more affordable options: Clun Monaco, Chic Wish, Zara, to name a few.


This trend popped up last spring and summer. While I am a high heel girl, I am fan of the over the top and embellished slides.  I am will confess, I want a pair, just have to figure out what pair. If you still have some from last spring and summer, not to fret they will be prefect for this year as well. We saw soooo much fur on shoes last year, and I will confess I needed some sandals really quick to get my feet done, so I popped into Target and what do they have furry slides. So, what did I buy, furry slides… go figure.

10. Top handle bags

I am soooo glad this will be a trend for bags, I love top handle bags they are girly and very lady like and yall know that is right up my alley. I am currently stalking a grey and white Cult Geisha bag on Saks website. (that’s what I get for going on the website.)

My personal favorite are the top handle and summer vibes. In the spring and summer, I love to wear sundresses, they are so easy and effortless. Top handles have also been my favorite type of handbag, they exude femininity and lady like qualities.

Just about all my bags are top handles, with the exception of 3.

What trends speak to you?

TOODLES for now! Thanks for reading and have a good evening!