Transitional Pieces: Summer to Fall

The first day of fall is September 23, 2019; we have less than a month. For us, southern girls the summer days will last a little longer than you chic uptown girls. 

I define a transitional piece as anything that can be worn in more than one season.

To transition, you want to make sure you are still comfortable. Meaning in the morning, you’ll want to be warm and, in the afternoon, cool. When the weather starts changing layering with be your best friend. Cotton will always be one of the best fabrics to wear, and you may be able to get away with linen. Chances are most of these transitional pieces are already in your closet.

Let’s start with tops– If your arms get cold easily throw on a blazer or a sweater with your favorite summer top. For a more casual look add a jean jacket.

Asos $25
Asos $23

The classic t-shirt, boyfriend or fitted, serves as a great transition piece. It can be worn in the summer by itself and in the fall under so many things: cardigans, dusters, jean jackets, leather jackets, and trench coats.

Zara $39.90
Zara $25.90

Zara $ 25.90

Tip: same thing with your favorite camisoles or decorative sleeveless tops, pair them with jean jackets, leather jackets and open cardigans.

My favorite: dresses– your favorite summer dress, add some tights or if your arms get cold easily (like me) throw a blazer or sweater on over it. Try something different and put a long-sleeve top under your dress.

J Crew $128
J Crew $168
Zara $19.90

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You can take your favorite slip dress (pictured in the middle) and put on a duster. Going for a chic rocker look, try a leather moito jacket. Going for casual chic, try putting a t-shirt or turtleneck under it, and then you can even throw on that same motto jacket and some sock boots or a pair of sneakers.

Sleeveless body con dress (pictured on the left and right). One of my go-to looks for fall is a body con dress with a long sweater/cardigan, (some people refer to them as dusters.) mini bag, heels, and earrings. It’s chic and easy to style. In the morning it will be chilly enough for the duster and in the afternoon, it will be warm enough to wear the sleeveless dress by itself.

Sheath dresses (pictured above J Crew geometric and leopard print dress) can be worn anytime unless they are wool. Take your classic sheath dress made of cotton for instance, during the spring and summer, you will wear flats or a heel and maybe a necklace and some earrings. For fall in the chillier months, you can put a blazer over the dress to cover it up, and if your legs get cold easily, you can opt for a pair of tights. You can also put a blouse under the dress, as well as turtleneck.

Lastly mini skirts/shorts: you can easily put tights under your shorts to make them fall appropriate, throw on your favorite pumps or knee high boots.

Zara $29.90
Zara $39.90
Zara $29.90

Tip: not ready to put away your favorite shorts? Throw on tights under under your shorts. Pair with your favorite boots or heels.

Tip: Not ready to stop showing leg? Pair your favorite thigh high or knee high boots with your favorite mini skirt. You can also pair your mini skirt with a pair of decorative tights.

With fall approaching the morning and night temperatures will fluctuate. The most important take away from this post: layering will be your best friend. Make your closet work for you!

How do you transition your closet?

With class and grace,

Mya – Karren