Holiday Edit 3:Luxurious Gifts for the Diva In Your Life Under $150

Everyone has that one friend in their life that wears nothing but labels or owns the most expensive of everything. So when the holidays come,they expect luxurious gifts as well. From Salvatore Ferragamo to Ugg, there is something on this list for your on-trend girlfriend. ( I mayyyyy be the diva friend in my group, style not attitude.)

Below I have featured some gifts they will love, but wont break the bank.

Let’s go shopping:

The Perfume Connoisseur:

Fashion Lover:

Lipstick Fiend:

Shower Child:

The Eyebrow Specialist:

Mirror, mirror on the Wall…

Say that to my Face:

Application is key:

Sleeping Pretty

With these luxurious gifts your girlfriend will see you in a new light lol and you will see a smile on her face.

with class and grace,

Happy Holidays!

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