The New Trend Replacing Logomania.

You’ve seen the “new trend” Gucci and Fendi tights. You know the Fendi shawl and the Gucci belt. You might have the Fendi mink slippers, and you probably know someone who has Gucci plastered all over a piece in their closet. ( I was about to buy the fur Fendi sandals myself.)

Well, the time has come to get back to suiting and neutrals.

According to celebrity stylist Laura Sophie Cox, “Gone are the days of the logo-mania craze, making a return from the ’90s, within separates, suiting, and dresses, especially those showcased by designers like Versace, Gucci, and Fendi. Instead, I recommend adopting neutral tones into your wardrobe. This winter, I have been gravitating toward neutral oversize suits. There are so many incredible brands not only thinking environmentally responsible but creating beautiful and unique designs within this category, like Hiraeth, Gabriela Hearst, and Maggie Marilyn, for example. via WhoWhatWear blog

Let’s start with Bermuda short suits. If you look on Nordstron’s website, it is one of their 10 trends for spring.

Affordable New Trend

Luxe Bermuda Shorts: New Trend

The New Trend

Affordable suiting:

luxe suiting:



Other than that keep your suits in the classic and neutral colors.

Style tip: leave half of your shirt un-tucked for a 2020 feel and look.

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