How to Dress for Humid Weather

It happens all the time, you put on an outfit, you’re cute, you’re feeling yourself, and you look good. You and your friends are at the festival of the season only for to start breaking out into a sweat.

Today let’s discuss how you can actually be cooler in humid weather.  

  1. Stick to shapes that fall away from the body

Tight clingy clothing will do nothing for you in the summertime, especially in the south.  While you might want to throw on a body con dress, the fabric pressed so close to your body can trap heat.

For example, opt for a silk midi skirt or dress, the fabric is light and airy, as oppose to a bodycon dress that will hug your curves but trap heat. Trapped heat will only make it seem hotter outside.

Which leads to my next point.

2. Wear breathable fabrics

Fabrics believe it or not do breathe or allow for some ventilation. Opt for linen or cotton, these fabrics breathe well and will keep you cool during your summer activities.

People in the desert wear a lot of linen.

3. Go light on your color choices

This is for my black cats and chic ladies. While more than half of my closet is dark clothes and a majority of them black, black in the summertime will only make you hotter. Black clothing absorbs heat. Have you even seen a person in the dessert? They are covered from head to toe in lightly colored clothing and 9 times out of 10 their fabric choice is linen.

4. Look at your footwear

Consider your footwear. Heat escapes from your feet and head, if you are going to wear closed toed shoes wear canvas. Otherwise wear sandals as much as possible

closed toe


5. Ventilation

This tip I am so happy about. I have said it before, and I will say it again the back is one of the sexiest things a woman can show without being overtly sexy.

This tip works so well if you are going to be outside for long periods of time. Having a backless dress or holes on the side of your dress can help air flow in and out of your clothing giving you a refreshing breeze.



6. Avoid tight jeans

I don’t wear pants, but I imagine it would be like wearing a tight tweed or wool skirt. Save the jeans especially the jeggings and skinny jeans for the cooler months. Instead go with a lighter fabrics; chinos, paper bag pants, shorts, linen shorts, and even sweat shorts which are very popular right now.

7. Wear a sports bra

If all else fails, try wearing a sports bra. Today with technology ever we have wicked fabrics now, they wick away the sweat from our bodies and keep us cool.

With class and grace,

Mya – Karren

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