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This dress! This dress, this dress, that is all I have to say. Meet the dress that made me want to start wearing colors again.

If someone asked me to show them who I am with a single piece of clothing, this would be it. It encompasses my style to a T, 100% Mya- Karren, and I feel like a queen in this dress. There is not one thing about this dress I would change (I don’t even mind that it doesn’t have pockets). That is why I feel it deserves; it owns blog posts and mentions.

The attention to detail, amazing.

Are you dying? It’s okay, I know you are.

I chose to highlight and talk about this dress on the blog because it is just that stunning. And it finally came back in stock, so I was able to order it. I was also going to get the top, but she sold out of the small. However, I am excited because she is coming out with new pieces; my money is set aside.

This dress makes me feel so beautiful when I put it on, it also brought back my love of color. Let’s get into the designer and the details.


Founded by Asiyami Gold, (ig account here)a visual artist, her imagery and photos are gorgeous. She is a story teller, film maker, and a beautiful woman inside and out.

Now she has her own clothing line, also including accessories like these beautiful earrings on the right.

Most of her pieces are pre oreders, this dress took 4 weeks to get to me, but it was well worth the wait!

I paid $190, it is currently $225, and it is on pre- order, it will take 4-5 weeks to get to you. Shipping was seamless and communication was top notch.

This dress was the first piece I presented and reviewed on my IGTV series: Black designers spotlight. A lot of people responded really well to the video, I decided to make it into a series. So, every Thursday on IGTV when pieces come in, I will do a try-on and a review, at 3 pm.

So come hangout with me over on Instagram, also if you know of any black designers comment down below. I am always looking for designers that speak to my aesthetic. Some will be gifted and some will be bought, I will fully disclosed in the video.

I can’t preach to yall about black owned business and not support myself, especially since I am a black women. I have two more pieces coming in from SIKA and then some jewelry from The Gilded Stone and I cant wait to share them with you! (List of black designers: here)

Asiyami Gold IG:

Shop website: here

with class and grace,

Mya – Karren