How To Always Look Stylish

Who doesn’t want to look good all the time? Who doesn’t want to be chic all the time?

Below are 12 tips for always looking put together:

1. Accessorize: Have a couple of standout pieces. I have a few statement necklaces and many earrings. When I wear them, it instantly ups my look. Also, this includes handbags and shoes. If you love crazy shoes, pair them with a casual look and the outfit will pop, the same concept if you like different purses.

2. Know your body type – There are 4 different body types: apple,pear, hourglass, and rectangle. Knowing how to dress your body type will ensure that you always look great. For example, I have broad shoulders with an athletic build, so I do not wear anything that brings attention to my shoulders; it will make my hips look even smaller. So, if I am wearing a camisole, I make sure the straps are wide. If I wear fancy sleeves, I make sure there is not too much volume in the shoulder area.

3. Don’t let numbers get in the way, meaning the size of the garment you are buying. I’ve heard women say they will not shop at certain stores because they wear a bigger size in that store. I have never struggled with size envy or weight, but we are in a new day. Don’t shy away from a certain store because you may have to go up a size; the outfit is probably amazing. No one will know you went up a size but you, because the sales associate doesn’t know your size and frankly doesn’t care. Your friends are not going to ravage through your closet and expose you for wearing a 6 in one store and an 8 in another. If anything the garment might be missing when the night is over.

4. Plan outfits the night before– When I am on assignment, I pick out my outfits the night before, including shoes, accessories, bag, and coat if needed. It saves time in the morning, and I am not scrambling to try and decide what to wear, I can focus on my hair. It takes longer for me to do my hair than to get dressed. If you pick your outfits out at night, you can make changes and tweak the outfit for it to be perfect.

5. Always overdress- It is safe to say that wherever I go, I am more than likely overdressed. I’d rather be over the top then underwhelming and boring. I love dressing up, I could be running errands, and I will get dressed up, heels and all. Fashion is the way I express myself. Overdress don’t over-accessorize.

6. Maintain your appearance. I am not referring to anything fake: butt implants or injections, Botox, breast enhancements, etc. I am referring to regular everyday maintenance: Combing your hair, using lotion, keeping your nails trimmed, exfoliating. Taking your clothes to the cleaners. If you aren’t going to hand wash it, don’t buy it. For example, I HATE ironing, if it needs to be ironed chances are, I won’t buy it. (side story: when I was younger, my father made me pick out my clothes the night before church and show him. I would always show him my clothes wrinkled, and when he would tell me it needed to be ironed; I would reply, “it doeeeeees?” with a confused look on my face. He would shake his head and say, “give it here.” Problem solved lol, he knew I was not going to iron it.)

If your clothes are stained, treat them, if the stain doesn’t come out, throw away the garment, no holes or tears. Make sure your shoes are in good condition. If your taps on the bottom of your heels need to be replaced, take them to a cobbler. Also, treat your leather goods, with the proper care, leather can last awhile, especially quality pieces.

7. Tailoring, if you don’t take anything from this post, this tip would be number one. Tailoring is so important, most people don’t think about it or consider it. You could have a $500 dress, but if it is ill-fitting, it will quickly look cheap. Tailoring will make your clothes look like they were made just for you. Just because a dress costs $500, doesn’t mean that it is going to look good on you right off the rack, it just means it’s a quality dress. There is nothing wrong with your body. What is happening is when you go to the store and pick a piece to purchase, clothing is made for the masses, not you in particular. When I buy clothing, I always budget for tailoring.

8. Spend money on classic pieces and less on fast fashion or trends: My dark green trench coat is a classic, the color is neutral, and because it is a trench coat, it will always be in style. The jacket was $325. My cheetah print blazer/coat is more of a trendy piece; it was $70 from Zara. My Christian Louboutin So Kates, while not for the faint of heart is a classic stiletto. The fringe shoes that I bought from an online boutique cost $70 are a trend; those will quickly go out of style. This is also known as the 80/20 rule. Spend 80% of your clothing budget on quality pieces and classics. Spend 20% on fast fashion and trendy pieces.

9. Monochrome– When I say this, I am not talking about all black, all black can sometimes go Morticia. I am referring to a neutral: grey, blue, tan, beige, or blush and wearing it head to toe. When doing the monochrome look, the hues don’t have to match exactly but make sure they are close enough.

10.Wearing the same outfits. I am a repeat offender on many of my ensembles because I love them, and they flatter my figure. Clothes are meant to be worn, they are not meant to sit in your closet or to be worn once. I have some skirts in 3 or 4 different colors simply because they fit me so well. I switch out tops and blouses, giving me several different outfits, and most people don’t realize or know, especially when you add accessories.

Tip: I even go as far as having a staple outfit; for days when I am running late or just in an ehh kind of mood. Fall and winter: a pencil skirt and a blouse or turtleneck. Spring and summer: maxi dress or sundress. Dresses because it is literally an outfit, when you put it on you are dressed.

11. Step outside of your comfort zone. This rule I have recently started following, my purchase of a completely sheer dress is the best example. Right now, the sheer trend is all over the place. What is accompanied by this look is boy shorts and a bralette, not my thing. So, putting the Mya–Karren spin on it, I put a body con dress under it, and it turned out fabulous, I was getting compliments all night. Take the chance and then put your spin on it.

12. Perfect dress for any occasion, not necessarily black. The little black dress is a classic; however; it’s not a necessity anymore. If you have a red dress that makes you feel confident and sexy, then that would be your Beyoncé freakum dress.

Fashion is meant to be explored, keep up with these rules and you will always be chic.

With class and grace,

Mya- Karren