Fall’s Hottest Trend in Handbags

Croc bags, faux and real are one of fall’s hottest textures. I keep seeing beautifully hued bags and construction to die for.

There is something to be said about croc. It gives a bag sophistication and an air of class and luxury. You can’t mention croc bags, faux and real without mentioning Hermes and Brahmin. The most expensive croc bag was the Hermes Himalayan Birkin (white and grey), it sold for around $140,000+. And Brahmin has always debuted croc bags, it just so happens that right now croc bags are the “it” Fall accessory.

Besides those two designers, other designers have jumped on the bandwagon. Below I have found some of the prettiest croc bags for the fall.

A Croc bag can elevate a look. It can take it from cute to chic. I know at some point in a women’s life; she wants to go from cute to chic and sexy; I would say that is where I am.

I am featuring affordable and luxury. While I consider a croc bag a staple, some may view it as trendy, that’s why I have highlighted some luxury and affordable options.

Luxury and Contemporary:

Givenchy $2,290
By Far $600
Ratio Et Motus $550
Hunting Season $1,595
Chloe $2,090
TL- 180 $540
Chloe $2,450
YSL $2,350
L’afshar $605


Asos $29
Asos $40
Asos $45
Asos $51
Asos $51

With class and grace,

Mya – Karren