Women’s Fashion Suits…They are POWER.

Fashion Suits

Merrium-Webster defines a suit as: an ensemble of two or more usually matching outer garments (such as jacket, vest, and trousers.)

With something so iconic and controversial threw the years, I wanted to give a brief history of suits in women’s fashion

A brief timeline of the suit in women’s fashion.

Fun facts about suits:

In 1914 Coco Chanel designed her first suit. The jacket had a fur trimmed collar and a matching ankle length skirt. Today her suits are some of the most recognizable in the industry.

In 1964 André Courrèges introduced slim, minimalist pantsuits for women. He created a suit for day and evening; and up until then, women only wore pants for informal occasions.

1966 Yves Saint Laurent designed a women’s formal suit that he called Le Smoking, and every year since then a suit has been included in the collection up until 2002.

credit to: https://museeyslparis.com/en/biography/premier-smoking

Back then some ladies were even denied entrance to certain places because they wore a pants suit. Case in point:

Years later, after 1966, socialite Nan Kempner, was denied entry in the La Côte Basque restaurant because she was wearing a YSL pants suit. Kempner took off her pants and entered the restaurant with her blazer as a mini dress.

1981, the infamous Grace Jones’s album cover (Nightclubbing) when she is giving androgynous vibes and rocking a broad shoulder suit.

The 80’s: power suits were born, that included shoulder pads, decorative buttons, and bright, feminine colors. Just about every corporate woman owned one, and; The trend spread beyond the office, because of the television show Dynasty. The show eventually launched a line of power suits.

These facts and research are from: https://www.allure.com/story/women-suits-history

There is something to be said about a woman in a suit. She exudes power, she commands attention, and she is fueled with confidence.

Vintage Dior Suit

Every woman needs a power suit. When she puts it on or walks into a meeting, she feels like she is getting ready to conquer the world or own the meeting.

When I put on a suit, I get a sense of empowerment. It gives me a sense of responsibility, and I feel like I will be held accountable for my actions. When I put on a suit, I feel like I am ready to make a difference or a statement.

Right now…

Right now, suits are on-trend, whether they are for the office or just a weekend., they are very prevalent on the street style scene. You will find your favorite bloggers and celebrities in suits; it’s their look for the day. They probably didn’t have a meeting scheduled, just out and about being fabulous. In my last post I spoke about the perfect thing to travel in ( https://klassicallykept.com/2019/10/09/i-bought-a-co-ord-set-i-was-dressed-in-20-minutes-literally/ ), this year’s fall suits are taking that to new heights.

The suit will always be appropriate for the corporate ladies, but this fall some designers have made suits a part of their ready to wear collections, with new twists and a little something extra.

Below I have featured some of fall’s prettiest suit.



style tip: For the more budget friend babes, if you are going to spend a pretty penny on a suit, make it an investment suit; for instance, a neutral color, with classic lines, and buttons and made of the best quality. Do not buy a snakeskin or neon green $1,500 suit.

With class and grace,