Faux Fur Coats for Fall

Back in 2017, around December, I was in Dallas, TX, handling Hurricane Harvey claims. I had just gotten off work. All the bills had been paid and all the money put into savings, so I decided to go shopping. I went to Grapevine Mills; they had Off Saks and Neiman Marcus Last Call. 

I was in Neiman Marcus Last Call, their selection was fantastic, just like the one in Duluth, GA, a fashionista like me could really get herself into trouble.

As I was walking around a jacket caught my eye. As I got closer it be came very apparent that it was leather with a faux fur trim. So here I was with a hand full of dresses and other with this over the top faux fur leather jacket. I took them all to the dressing room and I am glad I did. As soon as I put on this coat, I knew it was going to follow me home. The fit, the detail and dare I say the beautifully colored faux fur made the jacket.

I will admit that up until this point, I have never been a faux fur girl, I always thought it was over the top and very showy, but when I put this coat on I fell in love.

To date, this is one of my favorite coats that I own and I get complimented every time I wear it.

I also never realized how warm faux fur is. Last weekend I wore this jacket to my step son’s football game, and I was warm and cozy, not to mention fashionable. So, it is safe to say that I have jumped on the bandwagon.

It has been two years since I have started wearing faux fur, and I will admit I am loving it. Sure, it’s over the top and obnoxious, but people say I am always overdressed, so who am I to disappoint.

Below I have picked out some of the prettiest faux fur jackets. I have broken them down into two categories: contemporary and luxury. 


Nordstrom: Halogen x Atlantic Pacific

Lost Ink $206
Urbancode $237
Miss Selfridge $141

Faux Fur- Luxury

Joseph $2,590
Marc Jacobs $895
Forte Forte $1,890
Marc Jacobs $850
Stand Studio $445
Paco Rabanne $1,490
Faz not Fur $1,180

Expert Style tip:

If you have the option to try the coat on in the store, do! I say this because you want to make sure the faux fur fibers do not come out so easily, especially if you are a girl who loves to wear black, and you just so happen to choose a light colored jacket. That is one tall tale sign that you have on a cheap coat, and you’ll be hesitant to take off your jacket because you know colored hairs are all over your clothes underneath.

Expert Style tip:

Save on trends and splurge on classic. While an all faux fur coat will not always be on-trend, investing more or spending more on a neutral color will serve you better than a pink or printed selection. Not saying they aren’t beautiful, but if you are a fashionista on a budget, a neutral color will serve you better because the next time faux fur jackets are on-trend, you can pull that same jacket from your closet without having to spend a dime.

How to style a faux fur jacket:




With class and grace,

Mya – Karren

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