Hair Journey Update: December 22 2019

It has been 3 months since my last update. 

Quick Synopsis of my hair Journey: 

When I was little, my mother went out of town, and my father’s sister took me to get my hair “done” at the salon. When my mother got home, my hair was relaxed; she was never told or consulted. 

High school 2004-2007 – wanting to be like everybody else, I began curling my hair and wanting straight hair. I was using the curling iron just about every day.

College – December 22, 2010

I was sitting at my desk the day after my birthday. I was six hours away from home and did not know anyone who could do my hair. My hair was short and thin (for me, short was right above my bra strap).

Summer 2010(college break) I didn’t do the big chop, I was standing in my bathroom and just started snipping, the demarcation point was getting to be too much to handle. My hair reached my shoulders on the sides and in the back a little past my shoulders, the shortest my hair had ever been.

2016- My hair had reached waisted length.

2016- 2018 

By trade, I am an independent adjuster, so I contract myself out to work major storms, which requires traveling, 11/12 hours days, 6-7 days a week. After working that long hair is the last thing on my mind, also throw in working out 4 days a week.



Shine is there.

Itchy scalp; gone, and my hair does not shed nearly as much. 

Hair has grown 3 inches. 

Every year I straighten my hair for my birthday, I also do a length check, and I trim my ends. For those of you who do not know, my hairversary is December 22, 2010, the day after my birthday. 

I will admit, I was that girl who wanted to keep her length, no matter how damaged it was, I wanted to be able to say that my hair was long. 

We are all guilty of it, but I can say now that I am about health. In the natural community, there is a huge debate on whether or not you should trim your ends and how many times a year. Everyone’s hair is different and handles manipulation differently; for me, I have found that I need to keep my ends trimmed. 

If you look on youtube, you will see naturalistas who trim their hair every 3-4 months, once a year, or not at all. To me, healthy well-maintained ends look better; they should be as thick as the rest of your hair. You should not be able to see through your ends.

What Have I Learned? 

Starting this journey, I wanted my hair to be waist length. And that is precisely what I have accomplished; however, I have not trimmed my ends since I trimmed then back in June, and my hair cannot take that. 

Granted for the last two months, I have slacked in making sure my hair was moisturized.

I now know with the proper care, my hair does grow. 

Again, my wedding is May 24, 2020, and I want my hair to be waist length. So, I have 5 months to get my hair where I want it. I trimmed about 2 inches.

Also, at the beginning of this journey I started using a tangle teaser, while it did detangle my hair, I think it was pulling my hair out as well, so I will be using my fingers to detangle and going back to my wide-tooth comb. If you are going to use a tangle teaser, use A LOT of conditioner, start from the ends and work slowly up the hair shaft. 

Wrapping hair/ protective styling. 

When my hair was much shorter, I would do mini twists, it would take about 6 hours, but I would keep them in for a month, wash my hair, and then re-twist. This method is what got me past bra- strap length. I will be going back to a simpler method; my default hairstyle for the past 3 years has been a high bun. While it’s big and beautiful, I was pulling my hair so tight, and the back of my hair broke off. 

If you follow me on Instagram, then you will see that I have been wrapping my hair and wearing turbans while I am in the house. My hair is always covered to prevent me from playing in it. 

I started watching videos on youtube and came across a woman by the name of Indigenous Strands. While she does not trim her hair, it’s 40 inches it’s long, and it’s beautiful. She made a very valid and interesting point. She did an entire video on loving your natural hair and having a spiritual connection with your hair and being thankful for it. As I continue my journey with spirituality and learning about my history, it has become quite clear that before anything else you must first love the hair on your head and give thanks; why would you be blessed with more hair if you do not take care/love the hair that you already have? 

Using curry leaves, amla podwer, fenugreek, and rosemary will be a staple in my routine. If you are struggling with thickness and growth check out Curly Proverbz on youtube, she breaks down the use of Ayurveda; her hair is thick, full, and gorgeous. 

My shampoo, I make it. It includes castile soap, manuka honey, 1 aloe leaf, sweet almond oil, and peppermint oil. It keeps an itchy scalp at bay.

Every two weeks, when I wash my hair, I do a deep condition mask: banana, avocado, fenugreek powder, amla powder, and aloe vera juice. (may sure you strain this mask. Otherwise, you will have banana residue in your hair. TRUST me, I tried it without straining, and I had to rewash my hair.)

My conditioner: currently, I am using Shea Moisture Manuka and Honey Conditioner and mixing it with Quenching coconut curls conditioner. 

I am currently transitioning I want all products that I use in my hair to be natural. For my moisturizer, I found a mixture that works very well for me: Aloe vera juice, water, rosemary oil, castor oil, and avocado oil.

I am also thinking about getting box braids, but I am still on the fence. 

The main culprit for me was waiting so long to trim my ends. I trim my ends myself, and I do a good job, I have a background in barbering. I have learned, my ends need to be maintained. 

Everybody is different; I know people who can go 6 months or just trim once a year. THAT is not me, lol my hair does not work that way. Had I trimmed my ends once before now, I would have been able to save my length. 

I am not starting over, but I could have been further along had I trimmed my ends earlier, but to circle back to what I said, I have to be thankful for the hair and state of the hair on my head currently. 

With class and grace, 

Mya – Karren

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