Winter Essentials for the Chic Woman

The holidays and New Year have come and gone, and now we are in 2020. Let’s get your closet ready for the new year and the cold weather, with some winter essentials.

Below I have listed a few pieces to keep you chic for the winter, an essential guide that will keep you comfortable, chic, and klassic.

Classic Black Boots:

Black boots will always stand the test of time. You can choose between heeled or flat boots. Opt for comfortable shoes. Many people have asked me how do I walk in heels all day. I simply tell them if the shoes are not comfortable in the store, I DO NOT buy them. I have never understood the notion, “I bought them because they were cute.” However, after having them on for an hour, that same woman is walking like a horse and sounds like one too.



Diva Coat:

On an assignment my BCBG coat was referred to as my diva/Olivia Pope coat, let’s just say I had a big grin on my face…now if I could just have Ms. Pope’s closet.  

You need a standout coat!

These next 3 pieces are a staple when it comes to my Winter wardrobe, almost like a uniform. They are quick, easy, and chic when styled with other items.


It’s a sweater and a coat at the same time. Currently, I have about 4. Because I live in the south, a heavy coat is not always needed. Case in point the entire week of Christmas, it was 60+ degrees.


A turtleneck, although some don’t like them( I find them very sexy), they keep you so warm. I am always cold, and a turtleneck is my go-to. I did not realize how much heat escapes when your chest is not covered.

Start with a neutral color: black, white, off white, tan, blue, or grey. Then branch off into your favorite color or a color you want to experiment with. (I consider animal print, especially cheetah a neutral.)

When I wear a turtleneck it is usually accompanied by a pencil skirt and heels, like a uniform I spoke about in an earlier paragraph. This uniform worked for me because it compliments my shape.

Sweater Dress:

Chic and to the point. Sweater dresses are another staple in my closet, they contour to your body just right, not too tight and not too loose. They flatter just about every body type.

Co-ord Set

I currently only have one, the seafoam green set from Asos that I posted a few months back. This is on this list because when I wore, it took me literally 20 minutes to get dressed. The set was so chic and comfortable and I got so many compliments.

Perfect pair of pants:

These can be jeans or trousers, something that accentuates your curves or gives you a relaxed fit for your casual days.

The Right Accessory

Earrings or necklace. Choose a classic pair of studs and then a statement pair of earrings for special outing and events, same thing for the necklace. Chose a minimal everyday necklace and then a statement necklace for special occasions.

Every day


Classic Black Pump

A pair of classic black pump should always be in your closet. From Christian Louboutin to Target, just make sure they are comfortable.

Expert tip: whenever buying shoes, if you have the chance to try them on, do! If the shoes are not comfortable in the store, they will not be comfortable at home or when you have to walk in them all day.

The Perfect Cross-body

I don’t know about you, but once my extremities are cold, I am cold. So, to keep your hands in your pockets I suggest a crossbody. You can carry your essentials and keep your hands warm at the same time.

Cashmere Sweater

I recently bought one from Banana republic and I love it, it is so soft on my skin and to the touch and surprisingly very warm. Cashmere does not come cheap, but Macy’s always has good sales.

Panty hose/leggings

People also call these tights or leggings. These can easily spice up an outfit. Try a pair of patterned tights, I have a pair of sheer polka dots.

Faux Fur:

The epitome of luxury but keeping it animal friendly. The past couple of seasons I have bought a few faux fur pieces and have been wearing them to death. Faux fur is so over the top and yet to some classic. I will admit had anyone told me 3 years ago I would faux fur I would have denied it over and over.

with glass and grace,

Mya – Karren

General tip on how to always look stylish:

Other places to shop for faux fur and other winter essentials:

What would you add to this list?