My Birthday Dress and Shoes at 31

This dress made my birthday (December 21st) all the more special. I felt so glamorous, not to mention I got so many compliments. We went to Eddie V’s Seafood restaurant; I got my favorite Cesar salad and their delicious salmon. For dessert, I had a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

There is something to be said about a dress that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Anything that you put on should make you feel empowered, daring, and bold unapologetically you, but especially on your birthday.

Because this dress has stretch, it will compliment all figures and hug your curves in all the right places. Since I was blessed with my woman body when I turned 30, I can say that now, lol. ( I had no curves)

Let’s talk about these shoulders and neckline for a second. I loooove them; the silhouette is stunning; they are the reason I bought this dress. And the color pairs beautifully with my skin tone.

birthday dress

My earrings are J. Crew and shoes Tory Burch by way of Off Saks. While most people think of J Crew as preppy with a little quirk, their jewelry selections are very over the top and glamours. A majority of my statement earrings and necklaces are J Crew. My shoes, which I had been stalking, were originally $400. I got them for $150. Off Saks ALWAYS has gems, you just have to look!

Now while this was my birthday dress and we went to a nice restaurant yall know I will wear this dress no matter the occasion!

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With class and grace,

Mya- Karren

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