Mules are in, Grandpa Sneakers Are Out!

What has replaced them, you ask, MULES! Low-heeled at that.

So far, I have one pair, but I have been looking at others, they are surprisingly comfortable and the pair that I have aren’t high, they are mid level.

I knew it was a matter of time before the grandpa trend would be out, and I was right. I did not purchase any, frankly they were not fashion to me, plus they would’ve made my feet look big and my legs even smaller, it was a no for me. They were not flattering; I would see people wearing them with everything from shorts to sundresses, the audacity to ruin a dress with that kind of sneaker lol.

I am happy that we are now replacing these with low mules. This trend is for everyone. Not everyone can wear sky-high heels. This option gives you a chance to step outside your comfort zone and live a little, without breaking your neck.

I have picked out some of winter’s prettiest mules, all low- to mid-heel:



Luxe Mules:

with class and grace,

Mya – Karren

Other places to check for mules:

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