7 Spring Colors You Can Wear Right Now

2020 will be all about experimenting with bright and bold colors. Spring colors will be all about pastels and bold, bright colors. (once we are permitted outside, I want yall to be fabulous.)

If you are a black and white girl or neutral, start small. Try a shoe or a piece of jewelry. Choose a top or bottom and experiment; some colors do not go well with everyone’s complexion.

These new colors will be an excuse for me to buy more clothes and to brighten up my closet. I’ve been trying to lighten up my wardrobe. I usually wear black and white, grey, and tan.

Spring Colors Introduced

1.Not your mama’s red dress

These pieces will be bright red, not the red in your Crayola box that you grew up with. If you are not into color so much but want to try it out, start small and build up. Meaning don’t go out and buy a full-on red dress; chances are it will sit in your closet because you will shy away from wearing it. If you are a colors girl, this is your chance to shine.

2.Easter egg blue

This is our pastel color blue, not the basic blue. This color is always so pretty and gets you into Spring mode.

3.Coral pink

This color will be for the girly girl in you. It not pink and it’s not orange, it’s their cousin. Settle in with this color and pair it with mint green, they pair really well together.

4.Tilted yellow

This is not casual yellow or bright orange; this is a sophisticated marriage of the two, and you will look sun-kissed.

5.Olive Juice

Not regular or lime green, but a deeper green; during the Spring, this color will look perfect in leather.

6. White and bright

White is customary every summer, and this year it will be no different. I have been looking at a few white dresses to add to my collection.

7. Green with a hint of mayo

This color is a new shade of green, and it will pair really well with coral.

Which Spring color will you wear ?

With class and grace,


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