7 Pieces I Buy Every Spring

Spring is here, and Summer is around the corner.

There are a few pieces that I buy every Spring; they are essentials to my closet and keep it fresh and new. 

1. A white and black camisole 

Every Spring I buy a white camisole and a black one. One Spring, I may buy a racerback or, just a classic straight strap, just depends on what’s available and what’s in. Black and white are always the most available colors, they are classic, and unfortunately, the white gets dingy, and the black fades by the time summer is over. 

Currently, I buy my camisoles from Target, they are $8-9, and they feel so soft on the skin. They fit like a glove, and they are very breathable.


2. Spring white dress 

For me, white dresses are synonymous with Spring and Summer; I currently have 5 white dresses in my collection that fit. (we can add my honeymoon dress to this collection).

White is crisp and light; it will always look chic. 

3. A white blouse 

We all know the dreaded yellow pit stains. Every Spring, I buy the updated white blouse/shirt. I have not found one this Spring, but more than likely, the sleeves will be dramatic. 

hight street

4. A pair of nude sandals 

Nude means different shades to different people, Christian Louboutin, came out with his nude collection (2013), and it sold out very quickly, especially for your darker skin women. His collection consisted of classic shoes in all nude shades and surprisingly went very dark. I was lucky enough in 2018 to get a pair on sale, and I wear them all the time; at the moment, the taps need to be replaced. That particular shoe will probably be the best shoe I find to match my complexion.  

Your typical nude or skin tone is available every Spring and summer.  

high street

5. Spring black sandals 

Black sandals, whether flat or heeled, will carry you through Spring and Summer. Last year I bought a black pair of Steve Madden’s Carson heel and they carried me through Spring and Summer. Two years ago, I bought them in beige.

high street

6. Floral dress 

Another thing I love about warmer weather: I can break out my sundresses, and usually, one of the prints is flowers. Flowers have been in for the past couple of seasons now, and this Spring and Summer will be no different.

high street

7. Spring Maxi dress 

Maxi dresses come and go when it comes to “being on-trend,” but they are ALWAYS on trend for me. You can literally put on a maxi dress, and you are dressed! Although most of my clothing is very structured (my mother and friends say that is because I am uptight and high strung, but I digress), my maxi dresses tend to be a bit looser and flowy. 

high street

Note: I do not wear pants, but if I did, I would stock up on a pair of white jeans, a pair of paper bag pants, and a pair of shorts. 

What are some essentials you buy every Spring to get ready for the warmer months?

With class and grace, 

Mya – Karren