5 Summer Dress Trends You’ll Love

Summer Dress Trends

If you don’t know by now, dresses are one of my all time favorite things to wear, lol and because I don’t wear pants that really only leaves dresses and skirts.

Spring and summer is when designers get to show case their best dresses, especially sundresses, my closet is full of them, from white all the way to neon pink.

Today we are going to look at 5 summer dress trends that will be and have already started to pop up on the runways and in stores.

Short and fitted

Let’s start with the the leggiest one, short and fitted. This is for my ladies who love their legs, it’s time to break out the shavers and Nair ladies and get ready for a leggy summer.

Style tip: unless you are going to the club or going on a hot date, stick with 2 inches and below with your heels; the shorter the dress and the higher the heels…you know the rest.

Suited up Summer Dress Trend

This trend comes and goes, but as for right now this is more of a micro trend. This silhouette tends to look go on all body types because it give definition to the shoulders and cinches in the waist, who doesn’t want to be snatched.

Retro halters

Who was begging thier mother to wear halter tops in the early 2000s, just me…okay. Well for those of you who know what I am referring to, this dress silhouette is back.

Body Tip note: Now for me because I have broad shoulder and a small frame, halter tops tend to make my shoulders look even wider, so if you have more of an athletic build , try puff sleeves or off the shoulder tops and with a cinched waist, it will give the illusion that you have more of a coke bottle shape, okay Beyonce shape.

Pretty and Puff

You’ve seen this dress trend just about everywhere, and it will no different this spring and summer. Puff/voluminous sleeves, with tired dresses and big airy bottoms. In the south this dress silhouette will definitely fare well.

This silhouette is also very forgiving, whether you’re tiny or curvy anyone can wear this dress trend.

How to Style:

This dress can be worn just about anywhere: concert, cookout, picnic, festival, the list goes on.

Dress it down with a dad sandal or flats, and dress it up with a pair of statement earrings and your favorite heels, even in cooler months, it can be paired with boots.


You CANNOT talk about puff sleeve and voluminous dresses without mentioning the Danish designer Cecilie Bahnsen. Her dresses are absolutely gorgeous, they offer edge without forgoing the ladylike aesthetic.

Milkmaid Summer Dress Trend

Now this is more of a micro trend, but think of your favorite gathered top but just as a dress. You will be grateful for this dress silhouette in the summer, these dresses are usually made out of very airy and breathable fabric.

with class and grace,

Mya – Karren

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