Classic and Chic Color Combinations

You walk into your closet and you see some many colors. So many colors jumbled together and you cant figure out what goes with what? Well I’ve got you covered. I have put together several classic color combinations that ALWAYS look chic.

First let’s break down colors:

complimentary colors: what are they? They are any two colors on the color wheel directly across from each other.

color wheel

So, red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow. They do just that, they compliment each other when worn together, think of your high school colors and how they looked on a sweater shirt or the football team’s jersey, mine were orange and blue. If you are not a bold color person, then you incorporate neutrals into your wardrobe.

Neutral colors: tan, beige, white, black, and my favorite color grey. Keeping that in mind lets look at some combinations you can try. Most people will wear a neutral then add a little bit of color into their outfit somewhere. Some people opt for all neutral outfits because they instantly read chic, but I have some examples below where color combinations are just as chic.

Let’s start with the most classics of all…

Black and White

Navy and White


Black and Camel

Grey and Camel

Grey and White

Oatmeal and white

White and Camel/Tan

Camel and Burgundy

Burnt Orange and Camel

Light Blue and Camel

Brown and Camel

The next few are for the more bold and daring, my colorful ladies.

Tap into some color combinations that you may not have thought of…

Red and Pink

This color combination popped in the last 5 five years, but it is striking, if you want to make a statement this color combination is it.

Green and Blue

Pink and Green

Turquoise and Cobalt Blue

Red and White

Pink and Tan

Green and Purple

Red and Blue

Purple and Red

Purple and Camel

Blue and Camel

Purple and Yellow

Blue and Orange

Brown and Red

And there you have it, a few chic color combinations to get you started. Go to your closet and start playing dress up, you never know what color combination you may find.

with glass and grace,