The Rule of Three

The rule of three. What is it you ask?

Picture this, you and your girlfriends are shopping, and you find this beautiful blouse. You go to the dressing room to try it on, and it fits perfectly, it MUST come home with you. But wait!!!! Does it go with anything in your closet? Are you going to buy a full outfit or just the top?

If you cannot think of three ways to wear the blouse immediately or in the time it takes you to get dressed and walk to the checkout line; then you need to leave it in the store. WHY? Because it will sit in your closet.

This rule was tip number 2 in a previous blog post why you have nothing to wear (link here), but I felt it deserved it’s own blog post, to dive a little deeper into the concept.

Below I have 6 looks that follow the rule of three, lets look at each of them.

Look 1- Target Blouse

This target blouse needs to be made into a dress, but, I used this blouse to make 3 separate outfits. Two of them are classic with a pencil skirt and the other with a flouncy skirt for a little more edge and dramatics.

Look 2 – Target Blouse

I live in Target. Polka dots is one of my favorite prints, which is why I was able to think of three outfits off the top of my head. I bought the previous top along with this one. This blouse has buttons going down the back, in all three looks I chose to wear the buttons in the front.

Again you see I paired it with two pencil skirts and then a maxi skirt for a fashion look.

Look 3- Zara skirt

This skirt is my newest obsession. You see that target blouse again? Are you sensing a theme here ? (Refer to look 1)

When I saw this skirt on the Zara website, I knew immediately that it would fit perfectly in my closet; one because its polka dots, two because it’s black and white, and three because I needed to replace a polka skirt that no longer fit.

Look 4 – Zara Dress

This Zara dress is my Chanel look-a-like. I wear it in the summer and winter.

You see, it paired here with a turtleneck for winter and a short sleeve blouse for summer. The long sleeve blouse is more for chilly spring days. This dress is a great transitional piece.

Look 5 – Target maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are a favorite of mine for spring and summer. Here I have it styled with a puff sleeve blouse, they are really popular right now, and then I paired it with a classic short sleeve blouse. The last look was a creative collaboration; the company wanted me to showcase different ways to wear their scarf.

Look 6 – Zara Blouse

This blouse was on repeat all spring long, hence, these three looks.

Look again is there anything else you recognize?

That’s right the Zara Chanel dress. (Refer to look 4).

This blouse was my first dramatic blouse purchase in a while. This blouse is dramatic yes, but it goes so well with many skirts in my closet, and I really wish they made it in a different color, but I digress.


Footwear is a little different, following the rule may leave you feeling like you don’t have any shoes, or like you don’t have the right pair of shoes for any outfit. Pertaining to shoes, you can relax the rule, pairing a statement top with a bottom will be easier than pairing a statement shoe with an outfit.

Pro tip: For shoes, start with neutrals: black, tan, beige, grey, camel, or white. Get a pair of flats and then a classic pair of black pumps, then get a pair of statement or special occasion shoes. 

Following the rule of three may seem difficult at first, but once you apply it a couple of times it will become second nature, and you may find outfits you never thought of.

Now that you know the rule of three, will you follow it?

with class and grace,

Mya – Karren

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