The Perfect Skirt for Every Shape

The building blocks of a great wardrobe starts with a women knowing her body type, yes you have your staple and classic pieces, but none of that will come together for you it you don’t know what looks good on you. I have said this before and I will say it 100 times; there is NOTHING wrong with your body, you just have to learn how to dress it.

Knowing your body type is crucial to dressing well and feeling amazing in your clothing, today we are going to discuss the perfect skirt for every body shape.

While fashion is about what makes you feel good, it never hurts to know your best options when it comes to dressing yourself, especially when you’re getting ready in a pinch.

Let’s break down what skirt looks good with what body type, I even give you on-trend examples you can shop now.

perfect skirt for every body type

The Perfect Skirt for Every Shape


If you’re a pear, your hips are the widest part of your body; you will look fantastic in A-line skirts.

An A-line skirt will highlight your waist and flare out over hips, giving you the perfect proportions.

best skirt for pear shape


The  apple shape has a slim lower body and carries weight around the mid-section, this shape will look good in high-waisted flouncy skirts.

The waistband of the skirt will hit at the smallest part of the mid-section and flare out over the stomach; the short hemline will show off your legs, who doesn’t want longer looking legs?

best skirt for apple shape


Also known as rectangle or athletic build, which is my body type.

If you’re a banana, your waist, hips, and shoulders are all about the same width; you look fantastic in body-conscious miniskirts.

​A form-fitting skirt will emphasize any curves, and the short hemline will show off your legs. This body type looks good in a pencil skirt as well; it will cinch your waist, giving the illusion of the shape. Pencil skirts are a staple in my closet.


The JLo’s and Beyonce’s of the world, the brick houses. This body shape is characterized by a small waist and proportioned shoulders, breasts, and hips. 36,24,36, you know the song.

If you’re an hourglass girl you’ll look fantastic in pencil skirts.

A pencil skirt accentuates your curves, even more so if the waist is structured.

best skirt for hourglass shape

with class and grace,

Mya – Karren