J. Crew Eyelet Dress The Perfect Baby Doll Dress

White dresses are so versatile, but nothing compares to white dresses and a pop of color, whether it be a pair of shoes, a purse, or earrings. This J Crew eyelet dress is one for the books. I had been looking at it on the website for a while and wasn’t quite sure I wanted to pull the trigger; but I was so happy when it arrived, and I tried it on (see what else I got here). This is my first baby doll dress, and I am in love, especially for summer; this will be a new dress silhouette for me.

I am a repeat offender, I wear everything in my closet, I don’t buy pieces and wear them once, that’s silly and I won’t get my cost per wear out of them. (cost per wear blog post here.)

Annnnnnd this dress definitely falls under the fashion rule of three. (The rule of three blog post here)

I love J Crew, ever since college, it was an aspirational brand to me. I would dream of the days that I could shop at J Crew and not worry about how I was going to afford it. Today it’s one of my go to places for clothing, especially jewelry. Believe it or not their jewelry is anything but boring. A lot of my statement necklaces and earrings are J Crew.

This eyelet dress as you will see can be worn just about anywhere: work, brunch, date night, movies, or even a festival with the girls. It can even be worn in the house note the climate of the world right now.

Dress Details

This dress $138. I got it for 60% during their flash sale.

There is a zipper on the left hand side. It’s lined and machine washable, I loath ironing so it’s good to know that I can pop this into the dryer and it’s ready to wear.

The lining is 100%cotton and the body of the dress is 60% polyester and 40% cotton. J Crew provides you with an extra button for the sleeve.

It sits above the knee; the body is lined, and the sleeves are see-through. This eyelet dress comes in xxxs- 2x. J Crew also has a True Fit feature, which will help you to find your appropriate size.

Now lets get into the looks…

Look one

This is the initial outfit I thought of when I first saw this dress on the J Crew website. I knew the earrings (also J Crew) would go beautifully with my neon pink sandals, all though they all of the earring is not neon pink, it ties together the whole outfit.

Anytime a dress has pockets its always a 10 in my book. Usually when someone compliments my dress and it has pockets I reply” thank you, it has pockets,” and they give me this weird look , like okaaaaaay.

This is a brunch look, sipping on mimosas with the girls at the best brunch place downtown, talking about yall’s favorite show (currently mine is Greenleaf).

Look two

This look came to me right after the first look because I had been looking for a dress to wear with my new baby pink sandals—the marriage of the two keeps in line with my aesthetic classic and chic.

I would consider this a family outing look. Our son, fiance, and I love to go for ice cream and then walk around the lake, of course, a socially distant walk around the lake.

Look three

Lets start with the shoes, these were my birthday shoes last year, so festive and yet so gorgeous.

Tory Burch shoes

The white beading in the shoe helps tie the shoe and dress together. I would say this is definitely a date night look; with the earrings and bedazzled shoes, you are sure to get your honey’s attention.

And…I just realized my earrings are also J Crew (last season) as well, so as you can see I’m a little obsessed, just a tad.

I have linked the dress and earrings down below.

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With class and grace,

Mya – Karren

disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Whenever I write about a specific piece in my closet it’s because I love it, I actually own it, love the brand, and the work they do.

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