My Fail Poof Winter Uniforms

Winter is here.

Here are some options to fall back on that are fail proof when you are having a meh “getting dressed” day. Just like you wont always have a good hair day you will most likely have a blah outfit day.

We’ve all had that moment when we don’t know what to wear or can’t figure it out.

I love getting dressed , I walk into my semi done cloffice and figure out what I am going to wear for the day.

I have 4 uniforms that are my go-to when I am in a rush or don’t know what to wear.

Sweater Dress and a Pump

I love this uniform simply because its so easy. You put on a sweater dress and you are dressed; throw on some heels/boots an you are out the door.

Turtleneck and A pencil Skirt

I love this uniform because you can switch it up in so many ways. I love this uniform because its easy, chic, and classic.

blouse and pencil skirt

statement top and pencil skirt

sweater and pencil skirt

Monochrome Look

When you’re in a rush and have no clue what to wear, grab your favorite bottom and top in the same color and you’re out the door.

pro tip – when doing the monochrome look, try picking different textures, it will give the outfit some depth.

Sweater Set

I have too many of these to count and they are all in heavy rotation during the cooler months. Again, I love sweater sets because you put them on and you are dressed, no thinking , trying to figure out what goes with what, or trying to figure out if the colors match or look good together.

Now within these uniform you can switch it up. For example Turtleneck and pencil skirt, you change the skirt to a maxi skirt or a mini skirt and then switch out a pump for a boot.

with class and grace,

Mya – Karren