Changing My Style in 2022 and Tips on How You Can Too

It’s 2022!

I’m changing my style. Why you ask, for those, who do not know I am an Independent Adjuster, I contract myself out for big storms to handle commercial insurance claims. Prior to Covid, I had to travel and work in an office, where the dress code was business casual. For the latter part of 2019, I have been working from home, and I love it ( assignments became remote once Covid hit).

Although I was working from home, I was still getting dressed; I was getting dressed to go to the mailbox. For me, when I look good, I feel good, and fashion has always been my outlet; I can escape for a second and regroup.

Basically, I don’t need a reason to get dressed up. In the era of Covid, we were taught many things, one of them being life is short, and nothing is promised. There is no need to save your special pieces for a special occasion.

My style is klassic and structured. I love pencil skirts, fit and flare dresses, trench coats, pea coats, turtlenecks, and button-downs. I want to elevate my style, keeping the klassic foundation and adding more special and unique pieces, like this one below.

Ulla Johnson Frida

Changing my style !

If you are a visual person or like to listen, I have the YouTube video connected with this post.

If you like to read, I have the tips listed below on how you can change your style as well.


How to Change Your Style

1.Stick With Your Foundation and build as you go

You will always have a foundation for style; for instance, a foundation piece or staple in my closet is a pencil skirt. Since a pencil skirt is a foundation piece in my wardrobe, I will start with that and build the rest of my outfit. I will try a statement top and then keep everything else classic as well; so for instance:

  • shoes- classic pump
  • earrings – studs
  • purse – top handle
  • coat if cold – classic car coat

Keep your staples within your outfit until you are comfortable enough to change. The truth of the matter is, is if you are not comfortable, one of two things will happen; 1- you won’t leave the house o 2 – the next time it’s time to get dressed you will shy away from wearing the new style pieces because you will remember how uncomfortable you felt the last time you put them on.

2. Find inspiration

Get on Pinterest or Instagram and look at fashion accounts, fashion icons, or celebrities. Look at their outfits and pick them apart. Figure out what pieces you like and what pieces you don’t like. For instance, you may like their pants, but you may have paired them with a different top. Do this several times, save them or screenshot them, and you will start to notice a pattern of what you like; this will always help identify your personal style.

My inspirations are:

  • Olivia Pope ( lol I’m fully aware that she was a mistress, I just want her closet)
  • Lupita Nyong’o
  • Michelle Obama
  • Tracy Ellis Ross
  • Solange

3. Purge

Here’s the thing, even if you are not changing your style, if you have something in your closet that you are consistently looking over, you are not going to wear it, and it is no longer serving you, get rid of it! If you are a part of my YouTube community, you will have heard me say this before: I want you to start thinking about your closet as prime real-estate; if it’s not coveted, it’s got to go!

4. Get Really Specific About Your Purchases

Don’t go so far from your current style when starting to change your style.

I will give you an example, I walk into Nordstrom and see a neon green mini skirt. That is so far from klassic style because 1 is neon green and 2 is a mini skirt. If you buy the neon green mini skirt, it will sit in your closet, and you have other pieces in your closet that will serve you better.

You will not have anything to wear with the neon mini skirt just yet.

For instance , this AWAKE Mode pencil skirt

This is very different from something that I would typically wear, and I am really drawn to it for some reason. This piece is not my ascetic yet, but it is still a pencil skirt. I can bring it back to my style with a classic pump, a top handle bag, and a white blouse until I am comfortable enough to switch out the classic button up with a statement top so the entire outfit can be a statement.

with class and grace,

Mya – Karren