Polka Dots…A Print for Spring

If I had to pick a trend this Spring to get into, this one would be it, even Carolina Herrera is making gowns and gorgeous dresses with polka dots. This print especially black and white has always been one of my favorite, they are so fun but yet so chic.

Polka dots is a classic print, all though it may come and go, you can be sure that designers will have something representing it in their collection.

Quick History of Polka Dots in Fashion

It all started in 1926 when Miss America was photographed in a polka dot bikini. Then Minnie Mouse debuted her red polka dress in 1928 with a matching bow. In the 1930’s the up and coming print was starting to show up in retail stores, nipping and tucking in women’s waist, and accented on the collar. In 1951 Marilyn Monroe was famously pictured in a polka dot bikini.

Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, and Marilyn Monroe were key women who put this print in the fore front.

Later on in the decade Christian Dior introduced his new collection and it featured polka dot gowns. Even though some people may find this print nostalgic it has managed to maintain its place in the fashion world.

On the runways this Spring and Summer (2020) there was an abundance of exaggerated sleeves and polka dots, which are the more wearable trends this Spring.

How to Style This Print

Dots are also a way for you to play with your closet. For example you can pair it with another print and then wear a nude shoe. Or you can pair it with a pop of color, to off set the black and white.

For an interesting contrast try pairing it with another garment but with a different size polka dot print.

Pro tip: When looking to buy this print, make sure where the fabric meets or stops the dot is not cut off it tends to cheapen this print, making it look unfinished.

polka dots will be hot this spring

Below I have picked out some of Spring’s prettiest dotty pieces and I just ordered a gorgeous dress from Banana Republic with this print.





Polka Dot Tops




with class and grace,


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