Tips and Tricks: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Last week I shared my favorite picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, which will be updated weekly until the sale begins. Today let’s talk about how to navigate the sale. Let’s go over some tips for the Nordstrom anniversary sale to snag the items you want from this year’s sale.

Tips for Anniversary sale

Make a list

Do not go shopping just to go shopping. Take inventory of your closet to see what you need. For example, I have this grey coat, and camel faux leather skirt saved. Each of these pieces will be staples in my closet, and they follow the rule of three. For each of these pieces, there are at least three ways I can wear them.

Have your Nordy card ready, know your status.

Online shopping begins August 19th, 9:30am ET/6:30am PT

Knowing your status can help snag your favorite picks faster.

When the Sale opens up:

Select cardholders – August 4th

All cardholders – August 13th

Everyone – August 19th

Have a second computer

Crazy, I know, but I know people who actually have two computers set-up and signed into their Nordstrom account at the same time. They set the computer up for themselves and then have a friend on another computer logged into their Nordstrom account.

This is kind of like the apple craze, but for fashionistas, we don’t wait in lines for hours on end lol, we don’t have any outfits for that, especially outside.

Mark your calendar

You’d be surprised how quickly you forget things even though you have been anticipating it; things happen: the kids want something, you get a phone call, you have a zoom meeting. Set a google alert or set a reminder on your phone, do it 15-30 minutes before the actual sale, so you have time to set-up.

Case in point, I wanted a particular dress from Target and Cushnie collaboration, I didn’t set a reminder, and once I remembered the dress was gone.

Get the app

Download the app; it will notify you when a Wish List item or Shopping Bag item is back in stock. If you have never shopped the Nordstrom anniversary sale items sell out fast, like Zara fast.

Preview the sale

Don’t go in blind, I’m trying to warn ya’ll this sale is not for the faint of heart lol. Early access for everyone started on July 24th (preview here). This year with everything going on, Nordstrom opted out of their look-book and went digital and gave everyone early access. You can preview the items from the sale and then save them to your favorites. You don’t need a Nordy card, but you will need to sign up for an account. Save the items to your wish list to make for faster checkout.

NOTE: Just to keep the hysteria going they add new pieces several times a week, so make sure you check back to see what’s new.

Double your rewards

Are you a Nordy Card member? There are certain days when you will be able to get double the points. Check your email and account, they will let you know.

Sign up for email

Sign up for emails so you can stay up to date on Anniversary Sale news, they make announcements via email.

Contactless curbside pickup

This year Nordstrom is offering curbside in select areas, visit their website to see if your location is offering this services.

Nordstrom will ship anything on their website to anywhere in the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico for free. (via Nordstrom website)

1.Look for the Pick Up options while shopping to see what’s available near you

2.When you get to the store, follow the instructions in your Ready for Pickup email to let us know you’re here.

3.We’ll bring your order out to your trunk while you stay in the car.

FAQ for sale

How will I know when my order is ready for pickup?
We’ll send you an email as soon as your order is ready.

Can I request Curbside Pickup at multiple stores?
Sure! Just request Curbside Pickup for one store at a time. After you pick up your order at the first store, you’ll be able to request Curbside Pickup for your order at the second store.

Where is the Curbside Pickup area at my store?
Each store has designated parking for Curbside Pickup. When your order is ready, the specific pickup area will be listed in your order details.

How long will I have to pick up my order?
You can use the app to request Curbside Pickup from the time we notify you that your order is ready to pick up until the end of store hours. If you’re unable to stop by that day, you can request Curbside Pickup another day. We’ll hold your order for 7 days, so stop by soon (via Nordstrom website)

Double take

That’s right. If you are not sure what size you wear (and you have the means), buy two: small and medium. I know what you are thinking, double the money, yes! It is! buuuuuttt, Nordstrom is offering free shipping and returns.

Lol AGAIN I am warning you that this sale is for the cutthroat, but, no really, rather than the item selling out and you have the wrong size, buy two sizes, then the one that doesn’t fit, send it back.

Set a budget

Lastly, there is nothing cute about being broke. Make a budget for the sale; do not spend money allotted for something else on a sale. This sale happens a few times a year. Next time to save up for the sale: every time you get paid, pay your bills first, put some money in savings, and THEN put money aside for the sale, and preferably a place where the money is not as accessible that way you won’t be tempted to dip into your Nordy funds.

with class and grace,

Mya – Karren

Preview the SALE here: Nordstrom

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