One Turtleneck Styled Three Ways

I am a repeat offender. I repeat my clothes all the time. When I buy my clothes, the intent is to wear them. When I go shopping, I try the clothes on; I make sure I love the way the garment fits on my body; if not, then I take them to my tailor to make them perfect. I want to make sure I am actually going to wear the clothing and not just have it sitting in my closet, looking pretty.

Some people buy clothes and only wear it once or wear it few times and then throw it back in their closet only to find six months later; they don’t wear it or end up giving it away.

Some people never repeat outfits; they actually buy an outfit for every occasion and shop daily to make sure they never wear the same thing twice. That is not cost-effective, and it doesn’t make sense. Being able to style the clothes that you have is an essential tool never to be that girl” who has nothing to wear.”

My go-to’s for Fall

One of my go-to’s for fall and winter is turtlenecks. They keep me warm, and they are classic and chic. Most of my turtlenecks come from Macys and Aritzia. Since they don’t come cheap, I buy neutral and classic colors. Not all of my turtlenecks are cashmere, mostly cotton. For trendier colors and/or prints, I buy from Zara, Target, Asos, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. This turtleneck was $29.99, and it is Cynthia Rawley. I don’t care what anybody says; turtlenecks are sexy.

Below I have styled this turtleneck three ways. Each look you could wear within a month, and you would have three outfits already picked out, and no one would know. Notice that I only changed my skirt and purse, and each look gives a different vibe.

Turtleneck Look 1

This is the exact outfit that I wore in my Marshall’s haul two weeks ago. While filming and trying on the sweaters I purchased, I realized that brown and mint green look good together. I was going to pair it with a skirt that matched the brown arrow, but I started experimenting with other colors.

Look 2

Miniskirt- legs out. I chose this skirt because the brown color in the turtleneck is in the skirt and the blue is the same color as my purse, so the skirt ties everything together. I actually bought the skirt and handbag together. The purse is Furla, and the mini skirt is from J. Crew.

Turtleneck Look 3

This outfit is my answer to no white after Labor Day. Off white and white, both can be worn in fall and winter. White will also give a clean and sophisticated look.

Every day people are breaking fashion rules, and more and more people are leaving the notion that specific fabric and colors are seasonal.

Now, are you going to wear leather pants in the middle of a Texas summer, no, but you know what I mean. People are wearing lighter fabrics in the fall and layering. People are wearing sandals with socks. My point is, it’s your closet, make it work for you.

Style Tips:

There are some things that you can wear a couple of times a week or within the month, and people won’t even know. Say, for instance, jeans. You work 9-5, and on Fridays, you can wear jeans. If you wear the same jeans, say the first Friday of the month and then the 3rd Friday, with a different top, sweater, and/or jacket, you have half of your Friday casual outfits already picked out for the month.


Basics, like a white or black turtleneck, you can style them different ways, and nobody will ever know it’s the same top. For instance:

On a Monday, wear a black turtleneck with skinny jeans, a faux fur sleeveless vest, and thigh-high boots. Also, styling with different accessories can change a look, as well. With the same look, you can change your earrings or purse. This ensemble will also look good with a brimmed hat.

Next Tuesday, you may feel a little rocker chic, pair that same turtleneck with a leather skirt or leather pants and ankle boots. With the skirt, you can wear some decorated tights, and with the pants, you can wear an embellished belt.

Now for a third time this month, let’s say its Friday and its casual day at work. Throw on your favorite pair of printed pants and some flats. Pack a pair of heels in your bag, and you can go straight to happy hour. 

Honorable mention: Take this same turtleneck and wear it under a sleeveless dress that you are not ready to put away yet. Pair with ankle boots or thigh-high boots. With the ankle boots, you can go bare leg or right now, logo and decorated pantyhose are trending.

Styled different ways you will be able to prolong your closet and make your closet work for you. The next time you say you have nothing to wear, look in your closet and see how you can transition some of your favorite pieces.

With class and grace,

Mya – Karren

Below shop some of my favorite places for turtlenecks: